Card Games Swedish Pursuit

Swedish Pursuit

The game was played at our 5th Inter-Livery Card Game Event for Junior and Renter Wardens at Vintner's Hall in 2019 and proved so popular and great fun that it has also been selected as the game for our 6th annual event in 2020. It is based on Crazy Eights (or Crazy Aces, Nines, Crates and Switch) which in turn is loosely based on UNO. This makes it a game that is easy to pick up, relies heavily on luck rather than skill and can have a number of additional variations and "trick cards" to confuse, frustrate, delight and amuse all who play. Our own variation described below has been compiled by Past Master Anthony Komedera.

Cut the Pack
To select the first dealer for each round, the deal moves clockwise after each game.

Shuffles the cards and deals (singly) five cards to each player. They then place the undealt cards face down on the table, the “stock pile”, then turn the top card face-up placing it next to the stock pile the “discard pile”. If this is an 8 then the dealer moves it to the bottom of the stock pile and another card is turned over. If any other trick card is face-up then the trick card rules apply (see below).

Check your hand
Any trick cards should be identified first and used wisely. Don’t finish the game with an 8 in your hand as it scores 30 points!

Object of the game
The first player who gets rid of all their cards (legally) wins, so the winning score is 0 points. The other players score points according to the cards they have left in their hands (see scoring). At the end of the round the lowest scoring player has won the round.

Starts clockwise, each player in turn must discard a card face-up onto the discard pile which matches the rank or suit of the previous card (for example if the card face up was the king of hearts you could discard any king or any heart). If a player cannot match the suit or rank, or discard an 8, they must pick up one card from the stock pile, this acts as this players turn. If the stock pile is empty then the player misses their turn. If you can lay a card, you must.

Trick Cards
There are trick cards to use during your turn to ensure lively play:

  • You can discard an 8 of any suit during your turn and nominate a new suit, if you wish. Other trick cards can be played but they must follow the suit of the card showing:
  • If you discard an Ace the next player misses their turn.
  • If you discard a Queen the direction of play is reversed.
  • If you discard a 2 the next player picks up 2 cards from the stock pile, UNLESS they also have a 2 which they can discard and the next person must pick up 4, and so on. The player that picks up the penalty cards does not discard a card.

Last Card
When you discard your penultimate card, leaving just one card in your hand, you must say ‘LAST CARD’ and do this BEFORE the next person takes their turn. If you fail to do so you must pick up two cards from the stock pile as a penalty. You can be challenged by other players at any time.

As soon as someone wins the game, players must tally their score from the cards left in their hand (the player to your left should check your score):

  • Eight = 30 points
  • Ace = 1 point
  • Number cards are at face value = 2 – 9 points (the 8 scores 30)
  • 10 or picture (court) cards = 10 points

Write your score onto your score card and add up the total after 5 games. The 10 lowest scoring players after
5 games in rounds 1 & 2 combined go through to a further 5 game play-off. Apparently, the Umpire’s decision is final.


With thanks to Past Master Anthony Komedera.