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The Makers of Playing Cards Charity

(Registered Charity No.232876)

Charity has always been an integral part of Livery companies' existence, ever since their formation, usually as Fraternities or Trade Guilds, in the Middle Ages.

Our connected charity, known as the MPCC, was set up in 1943. It was initially for beneficiaries and dependents of those who were or had been employed in the manufacture of playing cards.

Later, the objectives of the Trust were widened to provide for the relief of need, hardship and distress, especially among children, and the provision of financial assistance for the education, and well-being, for those under 25.

Please download our MPC Charity Brochure and take a look at our Newsletter.

Current aims and objectives

The current aims and objectives of the Trust are:

(a) To support the City of London ("Civic") charities/connected charities and City of London schools and colleges and, where relevant, inner London schools;

(b) To assist specific deserving students in their education;

(c) To support relevant, smaller charities in which Liverymen are actively involved and which they support;

(d) To support smaller charities where the Trustees are able to establish an ongoing relationship;

To make a donation please contact the MPCC Secretary:

Mrs Annie Prouse, 35 Ascot Way, Bicester, Oxfordshire, OX26 1AG
or get in touch using our contact page.

To share any fundraising ideas or suggest charitable grant proposals, please contact the Prime Almoner:

Mrs Barbara Ide JP
or get in touch using our contact page.

Please download our MPC Charity Brochure and take a look at our Newsletter.

Donating to the Trust

All Liverymen and Freemen of the Company are expected on joining to make regular donations to MPCC according to their means, as all members recognise charity as a key element of belonging to the Makers of Playing Cards Livery Company.

The MPCC relies on regular and occasional donations from Liverymen and Freemen of the Company restricted to continually increase its investment funds. By this method, the donations gifted by the Members go on contributing to the growth of the Trust over many years. The annual income from the investments together with any fundraising income is then used to make grants to beneficiaries.

Please consider commencing a standing order to make regular contributions to the MPCC.
Please download the standing order form below:
MPCC Bank Standing Order Form

From time to time members are also approached to start or to review the level of their giving and are reminded of other tax effective ways that they can make donations, such as gifts of shares or legacies. Members wishing to create a legacy in their Wills to benefit the MPCC can download information of how to do this; please click the following download:
MPCC Legacy Codicil

Member Donors, and indeed non-Member Donors, who are Tax Payers are asked to complete a Gift Aid Form if they have not already done so. Please click the following link to download The MPCC Gift Aid Declaration Form:
MPCC Gift Aid Declaration

Grants to Beneficiary Charities

The Trust supports a variety of Charities associated with the welfare and support of Children, the education of Children, and for the relief of need and hardship among young people unto 25 years.

How to Apply for a Grant

The Makers of Playing Cards Charity is a small grant-maker and grants are generally of £1,000 in the first instance. The Charity makes grants to charitable institutions only and does not give grants to individuals. The Trustees are keen to support smaller charities with an annual voluntary income of less than £300,000 per year.

The Trustees meet to consider grant applications in May and October each year. Applications should arrive no later than the end of March for consideration in May, or the end of August for consideration in October.

The application should:

• be no longer than one side of A4.
• set out how you would spend a grant of £1,000.
• explain briefly how the work for which you seek funds meets the Makers of Playing Cards Charity’s charitable objects.
• include a copy of your most recent annual report and accounts
• be sent via email only to the Prime Almoner of the Makers of Playing Cards Charity at:

Your application will be acknowledged and in due course considered by the Trustees. You will then receive either an email to inform you that your application is unsuccessful or an offer letter setting out the terms of the grant and enclosing a cheque for the sum granted. By banking the cheque, you are deemed to have accepted the conditions of the grant.

We keep in touch with all our beneficiaries by appointing a Charity Liaison Partner who may well visit the charity and will be pleased to be invited to special events of that charity. They may also report back to the Prime Almoner on the impact of the grant.

Beneficiaries who continue to have the support of their Charity Liaison Partner will be eligible for consideration for a further grant on the anniversary of the previous grant. This further grant will be awarded automatically provided that they have given a satisfactory report on the expenditure of the previous award.

Charities may be considered for grants for periods of up to six consecutive years providing the terms of the grant have been met for each year. Charities will not normally be considered for funding covering more than six years in any 10.

The Objects of the Charity are:

“The relief or education of any person of any gender, who is or has been at any time in the manufacture of playing cards or their dependents in poor and necessitous circumstances as directed by the Master Wardens and Court of Assistants of the Worshipful Company of Makers of Playing Cards. If and insofar as income is not required for application in accordance with the above the same may be applied for one or more of the following;

1. For relief of need in accordance with the provisions hereinafter contained.

2. In assisting persons who have not attained the age of 25 years who are in need of financial assistance and are preparing for, entering upon or engaged in any profession, trade, occupation or service, by providing them with outfits or by paying fees, travelling or maintenance expenses, or by other means for their advancement in life or enable them, to earn their living;

3. In otherwise promoting the education (including the social and physical training) of such persons"

Charity Partners

With any charity activity, reliance on regular grants is very important as it allows for stability and planning. The Cutler Trust has formed relationships with charity partners to provide regular support, particularly with regard to bursaries for senior school students, and the funding of equipment and facilities at educational and special needs establishments.

Recent Grants

A selection of some grants recently made by our charity:

Supports training for young people in rowing and sailing.

Bloomfield Learning Centre
An assessment and teaching unit for children and young adults with specific learning difficulties.

Bounce Back
Helps educate ex-offenders to get employment through education mainly in building trades especially painting and decorating.

CRiBS Charitable Trust
This organisation helps children who have not had the best start in life. They may come from difficult backgrounds; there may be special needs, bereavement or bullying.

Disability Foundation
Complementary therapy charity based at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital at Stanmore.

Eastside Young Leaders Academy
Works with young people who have been identified as being at risk of educational under-achievement.

Grief Encounter
The Family Programme helps hundreds of grieving children each year in Barnet, Haringey, Camden, Enfield, Essex, and Bournemouth.

Highlights operates in London’s poorest areas to alleviate the effects of poverty and deprivation.

Home-Start Wandsworth
A small local charity providing emotional and practical support to vulnerable families who have at least one child under the age of five.

Island Trust
A sail training charity based in Plymouth that has supported disadvantaged/disabled young people for over 40 years.

Works with hard to reach 10-23-year old’s in Bromley.

Established in 1970 to support families with a disabled child.

Kids N’ Action
Charity set up in 2003, providing holiday activities to 60 disadvantaged young people.

London Children’s Ballet
Grant towards the training and development of both the LCB’s dancers and disadvantaged and special needs children.

London Youth Choir
The London Youth Choir Bursary Programme is key to helping provide a world-class music provision for all young people across the 33 boroughs of London, regardless of background or financial circumstance.

Based near Finsbury Park and provides a respite centre and telephone support line for those going through suicidal crisis.

Runs a 32-acre park and farm on the Isle of Dogs, offering enormous life-enhancing experiences for children.

Pan Intercultural Arts
Experienced artist-facilitators run annual 40- week programmes for groups of 20-25 young trafficked women.

School-Home Support
Tackles the huge problem of persistent school absenteeism, usually caused by severe disadvantage at home, by helping affected children receive a proper education.

Suited and Booted
Provides clothing for those seeking work but unable to afford interview clothing.

Vacation Chamber Orchestra
Funding towards the provision of professional training and performance opportunities for young musicians aged 16-24.

Youth on the Move
A charity established in 2016 to meet the growing need of disadvantaged young people in the deprived areas of Hackney and Haringey.

To suggest charitable grant proposals, please contact:       

Prime Almoner: Court Assistant Mrs Barbara Ide