Covid-19 Playing Cards Lord Mayors Appeal

Support the Lord Mayor's Appeal through our Special Covid-19 Playing Card Collection

I am delighted to announce the arrival of two very special and unique packs of Playing Cards to commemorate the Covid-19 World Pandemic and our medical heroes.

These wonderful cards, in Red and Blue versions, have been created by our very talented designer Stacey Kelly, with the profits from the sale of the packs being donated to the Lord Mayor’s Appeal.

Packs of the cards are available for purchase for just £7.50 including postage and packing.

There is also a double storage box, which you can buy for £2.50 if you wish to keep both your red and blue packs together, or create a fabulous gift for any Bridge playing friends!”.

We hope you that you will help us to support the Lord Mayor’s Appeal in this way.

Many thanks.

Master: Dr C. John Eaton MB BS LRCP MRCS