MPC Charity

The Makers of Playing Cards Charity

(Registered Charity No.232876)

Charity has always been an integral part of Livery companies' existence, ever since their formation, usually as Fraternities or Trade Guilds, in the Middle Ages.

Our connected charity, known as the MPCC, was set up in 1943. It was initially for beneficiaries and dependents of those who were or had been employed in the manufacture of playing cards.

Later, the objectives of the Trust were widened to provide for the relief of need, hardship and distress, especially among children, and the provision of financial assistance for the education, and well-being, for those under 25.

Chairman of Trustees,
Captain Michael Davis-Marks OBE RN

Please download our MPC Charity Brochure .

The Objectives of the Charity

The Trust was established to “The relief or education of any person of any gender, who is or has been at any time in the manufacture of playing cards or their dependents in poor and necessitous circumstances as directed by the Master, Wardens and Court of Assistants of the Worshipful Company of Makers of Playing Cards…”

More recently, the Trust’s objectives were widened.

The MPCC aims to support charities that conform to the following criteria:

1 Benefits the under 25 year old groups, not individuals.

2 Educational/training based activities.

3 A revenue of <£1m p.a. so our donation will have a reasonable influence.

4 Geographically located in London or the Home Counties or close to the allocated liaison partner.

5 In all cases, charities should be able to supply us with up to date financial accounts and annual updates on the use of the donation.

The MPCC will not normally support

1 Start-up charities

2 Housing Associations

3 Places of Worship

4 One-off events such as festivals

5 General appeals or circulars sent to the Company

6 Large projects towards which we would have limited impact

7 Course fees for professionals

8 Schools and PTAs

9 Citizens Advice

Grants to Beneficiary Charities

The Trust supports a variety of Charities associated with the welfare and support of Children, the education of Children, and for the relief of need and hardship among young people under 25 years.

How to Apply for a Grant

The Makers of Playing Cards Charity is a small grant-maker and grants are generally of £1,000 in the first instance.

The Trustees meet to consider grant applications in May and October each year. Applications should arrive no later than the end of March for consideration in May, or the end of August for consideration in October.

The application should:
• be no longer than one side of A4.
• set out how you would spend a grant of £1,000.
• explain briefly how the work for which you seek funds meets the Makers of Playing Cards Charity’s charitable objectives.
• include a copy of your most recent annual report and accounts
• be sent via email only to the Prime Almoner of the Makers of Playing Cards Charity at:

Your application will be acknowledged and in due course considered by the Trustees. You will then receive either an email to inform you that your application is unsuccessful or an offer letter setting out the terms of the grant and enclosing a cheque for the sum granted. By banking the cheque, you are deemed to have accepted the conditions of the grant.

Charity Liaison

We keep in touch with all our beneficiaries by appointing a Charity Liaison Partner who may well visit the charity and will be pleased to be invited to special events of that charity. They may also report back to the Prime Almoner on the impact of the grant.

Beneficiaries who continue to have the support of their Charity Liaison Partner will be eligible for consideration for a further grant on the anniversary of the previous grant. Charities may be considered for grants for periods of up to six consecutive years providing the terms of the grant have been met for each year. Charities will not normally be considered for funding covering more than six years in any 10.




An assessment and teaching unit for children and young adults with specific learning difficulties.

Visit their website for more information



Work with young people who have been identified as being at risk of educational under-achievement.

Visit their website for more information

ENGLISH BRIDGE Education & Development- 


One of our most inspiring long-term projects concerns Mini-Bridge and the ‘Bridge for Youth’ initiative, where MPCC partners with the English Bridge Education & Development Charity (EBED)
Visit their website for more information

EBED has already developed mini-bridge materials and know-how to get primary school children playing cards as part of the maths curriculum. This assists with mental arithmetic, analytical skills and reasoning powers. Playing mini-bridge also develops communication skills.

Through ‘Bridge for Youth’ we have funded the recruitment of a Youth Officer/Project Manager to roll-out the excellent materials to a much wider audience across the country.


A positive benefit to all Company Members is that, with EBED’s kind permission, we have made available a complete set of mini-bridge materials.
Find out about Mini Bridge. Please look at these even if you are non-bridge players as you will find mini-bridge to be a fun game for adults, children or grandchildren (and, indeed, any combination).

Company Members are already using them for teaching in schools or playing cards with grandchildren. If you have any questions, please contact Court Assistant Nick Prentice who is leading on the ‘Bridge for Youth’ initiative.



Felix Fund exists to help any military or SO15 (Metropolitan Police
Counter Terrorism Unit) personnel who have conducted or assisted
with Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) and search duties.

Visit their website for more information

To suggest charitable grant proposals, please contact:       

Prime Almoner: Court Assistant Mrs Barbara Ide