Online Inter Livery Bridge Competition Results

ONLINE Inter-Livery Bridge Competition Results:
Played Monday 10th August 2020

Thank you for supporting our first Inter-Livery online Bridge event that took place in August 2020.

It was a great success and 16 tables competed. We may consider hosting another online event in October or November so please watch this space for further information.

The link to the full results and a copy of the hands played is detailed below.

The winning pairs who each received a set of WCMPC playing cards were:

1st E/W Score: 67.41 percent:  Tony Pagan & Judy Day
( BBO Nicknames: guado1 & judjud2 ) Company: Farriers

1st N/S Score: 65.60 percent Janet Davies & Martin Davies
( BBO Nicknames: kipp44 & martin 2553 ) Company: Spectacle Makers

Highest from same Livery:
Score: 65.0 percent Oliver Kinsey& Keith Baker
(BBO Nicknames: vere10 & k.c. Baker) Company: Scriveners

Highest from any Company:
Score: 58.56 percent Frances Connell & Kathryn Cearns
(BBO Nicknames: falconnell & kcearns ). Company: Tax advisors & Chartered Accountants.